How To Get Your Dog In The Bathtub

how to get your dog in the bathtub if your dog hates bath time its likely you do too it may be hard to imagine that you could turn it around and start viewing a bath as a time for bonding instead but it is possible the key is to have a strategy for the change here are some tips for developing your dogs love for bath time , just get him into the tub regularly and give treats without a shower to where it is 2nd nature no big deal then ease into the routine get him used to the hose the sound of running water etc, how to convince your dog the bathtub is a great place while shes there give her another treat then encourage her to get out of the tub and do it again do five or six reps a couple of times a week youll know youre on the right track when dogalini lingers in the tub instead of getting out right away, porkchop the bulldog isnt a fan of bath time so how do you get him into the tub his owner takes a page out of hansel and gretels story that works to perfection check it out source embed

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for example if you have a dog bathtub or a specific area where you bathe your dog get them to come to you there and offer a treat every time they obey until they come even without a treat protect the ears you want to be very careful not to get water into your dogs ears during the bath, when youre doing a girl and you try to get both your balls and your dick inside of her there isnt enough room for both i pulled the dog in the bathtub last night on lafawnda im single today

try the bathtub with the water on the next time you invite your dog into the bathtub try using a little water once your dog is in the tub turn on some water dont actually spray your dog or get him wet if he startles tell him to sit or use a calming voice then give him a treat, place a cotton ball inside your dogs ears to keep water from entering the ear canal place a towel in the bottom of the bathtub to keep the dog from sliding on the tub floor fill the your bathtub with warm water before bringing the dog into the bathroom fill the tub no more than halfway, part 1 acclimating your dog to the bathing area teach your dog how to get into the bathtub with small steps for example walk toward the tub touch the tub nose and head in the tub two feet in the tub and four feet in the tub use cue words like up and ok to train your dog to get into the tub, for bigger dogs a second person to help you get fido into the bath can help avoid straining your back make sure water isnt too hot or too cold let your dog hear and then gently feel the water before going fullspeed ahead with the bath start shampooing your dogs shoulders and then move out from there