How To Install A Bathtub Drain

how to install a bathtub drain how to install a tub drain assemble the overflow pipe apply plumbers putty around the bottom part of the drain flange place the drain flange in the hole of the tub on the bottom purchase the trip lever and drain hardware assemble the trip lever and the popup drain stopper according to the , heres how to install a bathtub drain unscrew the drain toggle unscrew the drain cover remove the drain extension using heavy pliers if necessary locate the drain outlet that connects the bathtub drain to the sewer pipe remove the old drain pipe by unscrewing any couplings use pliers or , heres how to replace a tub drain and install a new stopper after years of use the plasticandmetal popup stoppers on two of our tubs shattered the crosspiece in one of them had corroded

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its really not that difficult to replace the drainstopper in your bathtub if you have the proper tools and knowledge by following the steps in this article your tub will be as good as new in very little time purchase the appropriate tools and equipment for this repair youll need a tub drain wrench, how to install a bathtub preparing to install the new bathtub move the tub into the space where you want the bath to sit and mark where the top is on mark under this where the top of the ledger will be 1 inch below the last marks install the ledger board using drywall screws turn the , how to change a bathtub drain a tub drain threads into a fitting called a shoe the shoe is underneath the tub and compresses a rubber seal against the bottom of the tub when the tub drain is tightened into it depending on the condition and age of the tub drain corrosion can build up around the shoe threads making removal

a rubber gasket underneath the tub seals the drain elbow to the tub that drain elbow connects to a length of pipe that then connects to the waste and overflow pipe tools needed drain key or smart dumbell tub drain removal tool flathead screwdriver may be needed to remove the stopper wrench bucket or container, related articles a bathtub drain flange drain body or drain basket is the part of the tub that houses the drain stopper the drain flange installs by threading it to the bathtubs drain shoe which is a length of pipe that connects to the waste and overflow pipes installing a new drain flange requires removal of the old stopper and flange, position the drain shoe on the underside of the tub and screw the drain flange into the threads tighten it down completely with the drain tool and remove any excess putty to connect the overflow valve place the rubber gasket onto the overflow elbow and position it behind the tub