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how to install bathtub faucet how to install a shower and tub faucet install 2by6 blocking in the enclosures framing to support the valve and secure the faucet valve to the blocking with screws making sure its positioned in connect the water supply pipes to the two water inlets install a 12inch pipe that rises , how to change a bathtub faucet method 2 replacing a bathtub faucet spout turn off the water supply to the bathtub faucet remove your bathtub spout from the wall inspect the condition of the pipe protruding from the wall bring your old spout to the hardware store to help you find a suitable , screwon faucet cut the end off a tube of silicone caulk at a 45degree angle with a utility knife and pierce the end of the nozzle with a nail if necessary squeeze the tube and move it around the base of the faucet to seal the joint between the faucet and the tub allow the caulk to dry at least eight hours before using the faucet, replacing a bathtub faucet will give an immediate fresh and new look to your tub interestingly it is one of the easiest of plumbing home jobs the process of removing the old one and installing the new faucet will take not more than an hour so its going to be a simple task for you

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quick summary if you want to install a new shower faucet turn off your main water supply then remove the old faucet and its components when youre ready to install the new faucet wrap the threads of your new valve in 3 layers of plumbers tape then install the nylon sleeve over the valve stem, bathtub spouts can go bad in three ways first the tub spout diverter can wear out so it no longer blocks the water flow and sends water to the shower head second the threads inside the spout can crack or corrode where the spout screws onto the pipe water can then trickle along the pipe and drip inside the wall

see how easy it is to install a new bathtub faucet using the sioux chief smart spout the home depo how to fix a leaking bathtub faucet quick and easy duration 1004 diy university , expect to spend at least half a day installing a shower or bathtub faucet before you begin youll want to install separate 34inch lines to supply the shower this extra step ensures good water pressure and protects the bather from temperature changes when another faucet is turned on or the toilet tank refills, how to install a new bathtub faucet when it is incompatible with your existing faucet then you will generously apply water soluble flux to the same end the solder is attracted to the flux without with the flux the solder can actually drip off the pipe so be sure to be generous with your flux to ensure a good seal we placed a coupling onto the pipe and then using a blow torch we heated up the area, how to install a new bathtub spout replacing a tub spout is one of the easiest bathroom repairs you can do there are two major types of spoutsslipon and screwon you can identify which type you have by looking underneath the spout if there is a screw you have a slipon spout if not you have a screwon spout this article will cover both