How To Install Bathtub Faucet

how to install bathtub faucet if the faucet has a temperature limiter install this just before attaching the handle 7 unscrew the temporary nipple from the shower head elbow and then screw in the shower arm and tighten it , how to install a shower and tub faucet install 2by6 blocking in the enclosures framing to support the valve and secure the faucet valve to the blocking with screws making sure its positioned in connect the water supply pipes to the two water inlets install a 12inch pipe that rises , bathtub spouts can go bad in three ways first the tub spout diverter can wear out so it no longer blocks the water flow and sends water to the shower head second the threads inside the spout can crack or corrode where the spout screws onto the pipe water can then trickle along the pipe and drip inside the wall, replacing a bathtub faucet can give a fresh new look to your tub before you purchase a new spout remove the old one and take it with you when you shop to ensure you select a bathtub spout that

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assemble the parts once you have the new faucet picked out assemble all the parts you need and double check so you can complete this at one time and without multiple trips to the hardware store be sure to specifically check the fittings on the end of the faucet versus your existing water line extensions, how to install a shower faucet visit a bathroom showroom to pick out your new faucet assemble the other necessary tools and equipment turn off your main water supply locate the shutoff valve for the appropriate bathroom and turn cover the tub andor the shower floor with a canvas drop


installing a new bathtub faucet install a new bathtub faucet to replace a leaky or corroded one and enhance the look of your bathroom the installation is actually one of the easiest plumbing jobs in the bathroom and is a good introduction to plumbing for a novice check under your faucet to see if theres a screw if so you have a slipon spout, flush the faucet by removing the aerator this gets rid of debris or sediment in the faucet some faucets include a handy little tool to unscrew the aerator when youre done keep it inside your vanity or with the rest of your tools turn on the hot and cold water for about a minute check all the connections for leaks and retighten if necessary, this video will demonstrate how to remove and replace the bathtub spout to replace your spout simply remove the spout go to your local plumbing supply store and acquire a new replacement part , the second method replacing the bathtub faucet spout turn off the bathtub faucets wáter supply as stated before this is the first step to any plumbing youll also need to bring a bucket and rags in case you need to clean water