How To Install Drop In Bathtub

how to install drop in bathtub how to install a dropin bathtub the frame the frame of a dropin tub will support the majority of the weight around the edge mortar base the framing is not enough to support the weight of a tub when a human body plumbing all of your rough plumbing is done before the tub is put in , how to install a dropin bathtub step 1 check local building codes this is especially important if you plan to build a wall step 2 measure the area and choose a tub step 3 build a frame or check for an existing frame step 4 place the bathtub in the frame check that all edges are level , easy bathtub installation tip for new home construction and some remodeling projects how to install a drop in tub using concrete mortar as a support base duration 908, video of the day place the dropin bathtub in the frame again set a level on the top of the tub shim the tub with wooden shims until the top of the tub is level secure the tub by screwing galvanized screws through the tub flanges into the wall studs in some cases the tub may also come with mounting blocks that go under the lip of the tub

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to install a bathtub start by moving the tub where you want it and marking where the top of the tub is on the wall studs then mark your ledger 1 inch below the top lines and install the ledger board on the ledger line next flip the tub onto its side and assemble the shoe fitting overflow pipe and drain, a drop in bathtub is a tub that is dropped in to a frame or structure known as a surround these tubs feature a rim around the top to fasten to the top of the frame which can be tiled or built out of wood or other materials the outside of the tub is concealed by the surround leaving only the rim visible


the first step in drop in tub installation is to decide how much of the bathroom to demolish the existing tub is a standard 30 x 60 in whirlpools that size are available but we decided to replace it with a slightly roomier 32 x 60inmodel we recommend that you add this extra 2 in if you have the space, 6 make sure that you understand the difference between the top and bottom of the apron see figure 3 below remove the panel from the apron and install the apron under the front edge of the bathtub the bump on the top of the apron will catch on the backside of the rolled edge, use a tool designed for tub drain removal also called a tub drain extractor to remove the drain flange use the screwdriver to disconnect and remove the tubs waste and overflow valve cover remove the tub spout since this will be on a portion of the wall youll be cutting away some spouts have a setscrew that holds them in place, and finally youll learn exactly how to install the tub hook up the plumbing seal the drain with silicone drain sealant and secure the tub with the wall with bathtub screws