How To Lime Wash Furniture

how to lime wash furniture limewash furniture technique start with bare wood whether you use liming wax or paint you need to strip any existing finish using liming wax you can enhance the whitening effects of liming wax by opening liming with paint or primer if you decide to use latex paint or primer, how to whitewash furniture place the furniture over a drop cloth you can use newspapers instead remove old sealant with a chemical stripper optional wash the furniture with vinegar and water sand the furniture gently use a medium or fine grit sandpaper 5 or sander to rub wipe with

7 Whitewashed Furniture DIYs For Distressed Dcor Shelterness

how to lime wash a chair if you find a lovely old chair or two in the local thrift store and youre wondering how to improve it chair liming may be just the solution youre after after adding a lime wash a chair will look chic rather

we used some timber offcuts of the doors as test pieces to try out different finishes you may decide to dye or stain the wood before applying the lime wax or to add pigment to the liming wax if you havent got any offcuts test on an area that doesnt show in the first instance 4 apply liming wax to clean wood, after the layers of my wash were all dry for a professional smooth finish i lightly sanded with a 400 grit then removed any dust before applying my topcoat step 8 apply your topcoat once your furniture has had time to fully dry and optional sanding apply your preferred topcoat