How To Open Bathtub Drain Trap

how to open bathtub drain trap video of the day replace the drum traps cover and run the tubs hot water for another two minutes to flush out any leftover clog debris remove the drum traps cover and feed a cable auger into the trap and down the pipe flowing away from the bathtub turn the augers handle clockwise as you push it further down the drain, related articles apply heat to the pipe wrap the pipe in a heating pad or other highlyinsulating piece of fabric then use a hair dryer on its hottest setting to blast the pipe with hot air apply heat to the pipe near the faucet and then move down to the frozen section when using towels or other insulating fabric that is not selfheating, if the tub has a ubend trap this is easier to clear than a drum type trap i can usually clear this type of line because it is simple to open up an access to the drain and use a standard metal snake to clear the clog

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learn how to clean out the trap and get things moving again tools you will need to remove the drain bucket wrench or channel lock pliers rags cleaning brush masking or duct tape step 1 first locate the drain trap under your sink the pieces you will most commonly see under your sink are a tailpiece, if theres a popup drain on the tub raise the lever to the open position then grab the stopper and pull it from the drain hole but keep cranking on the auger until the cable passes all the way through the ptrap that lies underneath the tub how to clear any clogged drain image 9 of 9 photo by merle henkenius read full caption, fill the bathtub with a few inches of water you want to fill the tub with just enough water to submerge the plunger water is how the plunger gets suction use the plunger to suction out any obstructions in the drain place the bowl of the plunger over the drain and press and pull it rapidly

before you remove the plug you want to have a pail underneath that will catch the water if the bathtub is full of water it is not a good idea to use the clean out plug all of the water in the tub my come gushing out with a full bathtub you want to snake out the trap see below, here we will remove a drum trap lid with a little force this problem always arises in the real estate business it is one of the biggest culprits of the slow tub drain, how to beat an old drum trap take a sawzall with a metal cutting blade and hack the drum trap completely out cut out all the plumbing from the base of the tub to just past the drain side of the old location of your drum trap then add a modern selfcleaning trap and vent yeah you may want to have a plumber do this