How To Paint A Metal Bathtub

how to paint a metal bathtub how to repaint steel bathtubs remove all items and obstacles around the tub and lay a dropcloth down to protect the floor tape the edges of the wall around the tub with painters tape sand down the caulking around the tub with roughgrit sandpaper clean the tub thoroughly with a trisodium , how to paint the bathtub filling gaps and sanding the tub prepare the epoxy putty before applying it to any cracks fill any cracks or chips in your tub with the epoxy putty use a putty knife to smooth over each of the patched areas sand the entire bathtub to work down the gloss and prepare , cover the floor beneath the bathtub with heavyduty fabric dropcloths apply galvanized metal etching primer to the clean steel bathtub using a paintbrush manufactured for use with latex paint wait six hours for the primed bathtub to cure wash the galvanized metal etching primer from the brush with warm water

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bathroom makeover day 11 how to paint a bathtub the prep work took about 125 hours and was a multistep process that included washing the tub with a water and bleach solution to remove any mildew scrubbing the entire tub with comet scrubbing the tub with lime away and a scouring pad and sanding the tub with 400600 grit wetdry, the tub faucet and the drain are the main pieces that i would have to paint for the other fixtures tub handles sink faucet and handles shower head and light fixture bar they sell compatible pieces that work with our old plumbing if needed

6 paint the tub in two thin coats leaving adequate time between them for the paint to dry if you know how to paint other surfaces like tile or drywall you have some idea of how to paint a bathtub, how do you remove epoxy paint from a bathtub if it was done wrong by brenda priddy save epoxy paint designed for bathtub use is difficult to remove according to the only paint stripper strong enough to use on epoxy bathtub paint is methylene chloride this is one of the strongest and most dangerous paint strippers in use, step 5 use a porcelain repair kit to paint over the epoxy and make the area look new porcelain repair kits come with a small brush that allows you to paint the product onto chips and repaired areas apply a thin coat let dry then apply a second coat sand the area lightly with sandpaper to make the surface flush with the porcelain surface