How To Refinish Acrylic Bathtub

how to refinish acrylic bathtub apply three thin layers of epacrylic paint using the high volumelow pressure paint sprayer sanding between each layer of paint provides a glossy finish allow 48 hours to dry apply silicone caulk to seal the tub edges, miracle method offers acrylic tub refinishing and even color changes to make your tub look and feel like new again since acrylic tubs are often installed before the surrounding wall and floor coverings are complete it can make replacement prohibitively expensive miracle methods refinishing is done without removing the fixture and can save you up to 75 over the total cost of removal and replacement, apply the epoxy to the surface of the tub using a finebristled varnish brush make strokes in one direction overlapping the edges of each new stroke to prevent the appearance of hard lines you can also apply the epoxy with a shortnap roller or a paint sprayer

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if youre hoping to give your bathroom a new look refinishing your bathtub can be a less expensive alternative to replacing it if you dont like the color or its simply looking dingy and old applying a new finish to your tub really only, cost to refinish a plastic tub or acrylic fiberglass tub depends on any unusual damage or if its been done before and whether you need a new drain overflow installed also whether the tub and surround are a one piece unit

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lightly sand the entire bathtub to roughen the original finish in some cases the tub may also be etched with acid to help the new coating adhere vacuum the bathtub to remove debris from the sanding stage fill chipped scratched or worn areas then sand smooth if there is extensive damage the restorer may charge nominal extra fees for this, how to restore and refinish a tub bathtub refinishing a tub refinishing kit that can be purchased for around 30 dollars will fix and repair chips and cracks and will make your bathtub look like brand new using a tub resurfacing kit will permit the restoration of porcelain fiberglass acrylic and marble bathtubs, image 4 mix a twopart epoxy filler until it forms a paste consistency images 1 and 2 next apply epoxy with a putty knife to fill any chips in the tubs surface image 3 scrape excess epoxy with the putty knife to reduce sanding time later image 4