How To Reglaze A Bathtub

how to reglaze a bathtub

After A Second Coat Of Renew Tub And Tile Resurfacer

enter reglazing also known as refinishing or resurfacing your ticket to bathroom 20 when its time to give your bathroom an allnew glow youve got plenty of options for reglazing according to 2018 rates from homeadvisor the national average for hiring a professional to refinish a bathtub is 459, to refinish a bathtub youll need a bathtub reglazer or finish which you can find for both sprayon and painton applications when youre ready to get started cut away all of the old caulk on your tub using a putty knife and clean the tub with a commercial cleaner

bathtub reglazing bathtub reglazing or refinishing starts with a thorough cleaning of the tub surface using especially formulated twostep cleaners to remove soap scum mineral deposits and body oils next all cracks chips and cracks are repaired materials used to reglaze bathtubs include miracle methods proprietary bonding agent mm4, refinishing a bathtub or as some people call it reglazing a bathtub will make your tub look like new again in this video i use homax tough as tile epoxy finish to reglaze an old tub, step by step procedure for refinishing a bath tub with rustoleum tub and tile kit i turn an old bath tub into something that looks brand new