How To Remove A Stuck Bathtub Drain

how to remove a stuck bathtub drain how to remove a stuck bathtub drain stopper toetouch pull up on the toetouch bathtub drain stopper placing it in the open position pushpull and liftturn wrap an old rag around the knob on top of the bathtub drain stopper 2 turn the brass shaft counterclockwise with a large flathead , how to remove a stuck or broken bathtub drain the drain removal tool has teeth that grab the drain from the inside you use a socket wrench to turn the tool and as it turns the teeth expand outward and apply pressure to the drain the good news is that it has always worked for us you can learn about the bathtub drain removal tool here, is it impossible to keep the water in your bathtub you might have a stuck drain lever check out the video to see how to do a quick fix

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removing a tub drain slide the pliers handles down the drain past the xshaped metal arms or crosshairs inside then put a screwdriver between the handles and use it like a lever to unscrew the drain at first youll need a bit of muscle to break the puttys grip but once you do the drain usually comes out easily, how to remove a pushpull tub stopper step 3 use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the brass insert post in the middle of the stopper by turning the post counterclockwise the post is threaded into the crossbar of the strainer step 4 lift the stopper off the strainer

when that happens and you need to remove the old bathtub drain plan on using a little manual labor and a specialized tool to get the job done 1 insert a drain key into the bathtub drain basket, removing a triplever tub drain stopper remove the clip that holds the overflow cover plate to the plunger rod removing this clip will allow you to detach the cover plate from the rod giving you more room to maneuver the rod and pull up on the plunger, how to remove a drain from a tub unscrew a foot plug drains stopper put on your rubber gloves and grasp the center stopper pop out a liftandturn drains stopper grasp the stopper and pull up on it remove the faceplate of a trip lever drain heat the drain basket with a hair dryer turn