How To Remove Paint From Wood Furniture

how to remove paint from wood furniture you dont have to panic when a steaming cup of coffee sloshed water or some other liquid leaves a mark on your wood furniture most of the time getting the piece back to its original condition is fairly easy the first thing you have to do is determine how deep the damage is you can , we get a steady stream of customers asking us for advice about paint stripper use and how to remove paint and varnish from wood heres some practical information about stripping paint from wood designed to help you choose the right product, hi denise i was wondering if you could give me a tip on how to get the odor of mold mothballs out of fabulous furniture that im finding at thrift stores any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated to answer your question sue ill share the nastiest experiences ive ever had with a musty moldy mothballed dresser, most anything can be transformed with a can of paint and some stepbystep instructions heres an easy fourstep tutorial on how to paint wood furniture

How To WetSand Oxidized Paint With A Rupes Polisher AMMO

many home improvement projects involve a new coat of paint or varnish but before you can add a new one the old material must come off read the following suggestions carefully on how to remove old paint or varnish this advice can help you do a better job with considerably less effort note older , how to strip wood furniture and cabinetry how to strip wood furniture removing an old finish is a messy job that is best done outdoors to make a work area start by covering an area of the driveway garagecarport or yard with cardboard to catch and collect the drippings that always seem to occur no matter how carefully you work

a fresh coat of paint gives wood furniture a brand new look but the type of paint you choose can make or break the project the best paint depends on how you use the furniture and the type of finish or style you want to achieve proper preparation is also important in getting an attractive and durable finish unfinished wood waterbased latex paint with a gloss or semigloss sheen works best , this old house can help you determine the best way to remove paint from wood see our guide on heaters sanders chemical strippers scrapers more online, browse any flea market or yard sale for secondhand furniture and you are bound to discover beautiful wood pieces at fantastic prices unfortunately secondhand wood furniture that has a fantastic look might also have a terrible smell in closed areas where cigarettes are regularly present home , wooden furniture comes in contact with a variety of objects that over time will damage the finish with light scuffs and scratches there are many ways to remove these the method you choose will depend on the depth of the scratch and the type of finish surfacefinish scratches