How To Repaint A Bathtub

how to repaint a bathtub

How To Refinish Your Bathtub Pool Design Ideas

how to paint a bathtub the first step is obviously to read the directions on your chosen paint a two part paint will require mixing the two parts into one container while a one part will not clean the tub thoroughly with soap and water and make any repairs as necessary before beginning, have you got an old bath tub that needs a bit of tlc roy evans professional painter will show you how to make it look as good as new using white knight tub n tile go to http

how to refinish a bathtub step 1 remove hardware and the old caulk from the bathtub step 2 mix a twopart epoxy filler until it forms a paste consistency images 1 and 2 step 3 once the epoxy hardens smooth any rough spots with a utility knife step 4 use steel wool or sandpaper to , follow instructions about how long the epoxy should cure before you use the tub and if you can wait even longer do online reviews of kits suggest that impatient users end up with wrinkled surfaces and sadness if you dont want a permanent print of your rear end on your newly finished tub postpone a protracted soak as long as you can