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how to silver leaf furniture how to silver leaf furniture leafing the surface paint the top surface of the furniture with threehour quick set gilding size return when the allotted time is up hold the book of silver leaf with the spine near your palm position your hand at one corner of the surface you just set with , dont let it puddle up or get to thick in any one area keep it light and smooth you need to let the adhesive sit on the furniture for about 30 minutes for it to cure into a niche tacky surface for your silver leaf to adhere to do not apply your silver leafing earlier than 30 minutes or you will end up with a goopy mess

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mid century modern gold leaf furniture with an artist flare metallics finishes are all the rage and are so simple to create step it up a notch with metallic silver after i had created an outline of my design i went back and added a metallic silver paint

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apply the silver leaf to the adhesive with gentle pressure carefully attach the silver leaf to the surface of the furniture lightly rub the back of the protective paper by using a gilders brush make sure to press every portion of the leaf onto the adhesive and then carefully peel back the protective paper, the rolled paper and the cardboard core are equal in width and the imitation silver leaf is placed inside the edge of the paper we offer precut widths of ribbon leaf ribbon leaf can be trimmed to any size required when trimmed the imitation silver leaf and paper are cut to produce a clean edge of imitation silver and paper of the exact width