How To Unscrew A Bathtub Stopper

how to unscrew a bathtub stopper step 2 remove the knob on the top of the stopper hold the body of the stopper in place with one hand and with the other hand unscrew the knob by turning it counterclockwise if the knob will not unscrew then wrap the rag around the knob and use the pliers to help remove the knob, remove to start open the stopper hold the stopper body in place and turn the top counterclockwise to remove then unscrew the brass insert with a flathead screwdriver now you can easily remove the rest of the stopper from the drain if you want to remove the drain body not required to clean use a drain key

How To Replace A Tub Drain Snapguide

the following are two removal options of the most common tub drain stoppers with easy removal instructions removal option 1 place the bathtub stopper in the closed position in the event the knob is difficult to turn you may need to use pliers on the knob while holding on to the stopper base then begin removing the bathtub stopper by turning the knob in a counter clockwise motion, unscrew the drain using the screwdriver as a handle and the pliers as a wrench around the xshaped arm unscrew the tub drain stopper it may require some effort to ease the tight grip inside but once you get it the drain stopper should come out easily source trethewey

i will show you how to remove a pop up bathtub drain plug stopper in under 1 minute with no tools or screws not all drain plugs are the same but most of them can be removed in a similar fashion, use a towel or other covering to prevent the screws from falling into the drain step 3 pull the overflow plate off the side of the bathtub the linkage for the stopper is attached to the back of the overflow plate and will pull out with the removal of the plate step 4 pull the stopper out of the drain