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hr giger furniture adjacent to the museum is the fantastic museum hr giger bar completed in 2003 hr giger bar is a work of art an original and completely unique experience, giger directed a number of films including swiss made 1968 tagtraum 1973 gigers necronomicon 1975 and gigers alien 1979 giger created furniture designs particularly the harkonnen capo chair for a film of the novel dune that was to be directed by alejandro jodorowskymany years later david lynch directed the film using only rough concepts by giger, museum hr giger opened its doors in the medieval château st germain in the 400 year old historic walled city of gruyères switzerland as the permanent home to many of gigers key works the museum houses the largest and most impressive collection of the artists paintings and sculptures furniture and film designs dating from the early 1960s till the present day, the gigerbar which today exists in the swiss city of chur was originally planned for new york city when it became apparent that the budget for the bar envisioned for new york was not going to be enough to allow for the design and construction of the elements which had been planned for it giger decided it would be wiser to wait until it could be financed properly

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museum hr giger château st germain the hr giger museum in gruyeres switzerland showcases the largest collection of the artists work on permanent public display encompassing his paintings sculptures furniture and film designs dating from the early 1960s till the present day the top floor of the museum houses gigers own art collection, hrギーガーハンスリューディギーガーhans ruedi giger 1940年 2月5日 2014年 5月12日 はスイス出身の画家イラストレーター造形作家 米sf映画エイリアンのクリーチャーデザイナーとして知られそのほか幅広い分野で作品を提供するなど同国を代表する芸術家として名 , hr giger best known for his work on movies like alien and poltergeist 2 died at the age of 74, the largest compilation of links to automotive and motorcycle artists