Ikea Cook This Page Interactive Recipes You Can Roll

ikea cook this page interactive recipes you can roll

IKEA Cook This Page Interactive Recipes You Can Roll

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ikea cook this page recipe sheets are a foolproof cooking hack called cook this page the sheets have literal fillintheblank instructions which are printed with foodsafe ink you place the shrimp or garlic powder inside the outlines then roll up the paper to incorporate the ingredients and cook it all, made from parchment paper and nontoxic ink the ikea easy recipe series posters were designed so you could portion the ingredients directly onto them with blank spaces for everything from sauces to herbs and spices that you simply then wrap up and put in the oven to cook ikea has created an ingenious new cookbook, ikea cook this page campaign with stepbystep instructions and a list of ingredients precisely illustrated on paper to match actual proportions the only thing one had to do was add food roll it all up and bake it the recipes incorporate ikea food items and also shines a light of the companys kitchen product lines, cook this page recipes were made for an event in canada but all 12500 parchment paper recipes available in 18 locations were snatched up within hours and its not the first time ikea is doing