Installing A Bathtub Faucet

installing a bathtub faucet

How To Install A Moen Adler Tub And Shower Faucet YouTube

replace bathtub faucet theres probably an ugly bathtub faucet somewhere around your house or an old bath faucet thats leaking and doesnt work anymore or maybe your bathtub faucet is no longer diverting water to the shower head well good news replacing a bathtub faucet is not as difficult as it seems but its , want to install a new shower faucet this video will walk you through the entire process and give you the stepbystep instructions you need for a successful installation, how to install a bathroom faucet stepbystep unpack your new faucet and make sure you have all of the necessary parts if any preassembly is required do that now according to the manufacturers directions to make assembly of the new faucet easier work with the countertop upside down on top of the vanity as shown, flush the faucet by removing the aerator this gets rid of debris or sediment in the faucet some faucets include a handy little tool to unscrew the aerator when youre done keep it inside your vanity or with the rest of your tools turn on the hot and cold water for about a minute check all the connections for leaks and retighten if necessary