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j class yachts news j class produces closest finish across the superyacht cup fleet as breeze brings palma bay alive, a jclass yacht is a singlemasted racing sailboat built to the specifications of nathanael herreshoffs universal rulethe jclass are considered the peak racers of the era when the universal rule determined eligibility in the americas cup, the j class yacht endeavour arguably remains the jewel of the fleet she is the yacht that has come closest to winning the americas cup for britain her story reflects the history of the j , j class yachts were the original americas cup racers in 1929 tea magnate sir thomas lipton commissioned the build of the first j class yacht for his fifth and last americas cup bid the boat was 3658 metre shamrock v which was the first and only j class yacht to be constructed in wood, discover j class yachts with yachting world from race results to yacht profiles and videos we have the definitive guide to the 2015 j class calender, 116th scale amya j class model yachts from the 1030s endeavour for sale sail if you have questions about the 116th scale amya j class feel free to send us , a jclass yacht is a singlemasted racing sailboat built to the specifications of the endeavour ii jclass racing yacht endeavour ii was a 1936 yacht of the j class and unsuccessful challenger of, find great deals on ebay for j class yacht shop with confidence skip to main content small sailing yachtj class yacht model boat with main and two headsail , see our unique new footage of the 1934built j class endeavour both sailing and down below after yachting worlds toby hodges had the chance to sail her in december 2016 become a free , httpwwwsuperyachtmediacom the j class sailing fleet racing in st barths 2012

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the j class models are 116th scale hulls of the j class yachts that sailed for the americas cup from 1930 through 1937 as well as the yachts that were converted to the j class and competed with the americas cup yachts in club regattas, j class hulls for model sail boats and remote control rc racing from alan horne jclass model boats and yachts for sale nottingham and canterbury class hulls, current page cars bikes boats boats return of the j class yacht j class yachts which reigned supreme in the 1930s are making a thrilling comeback with restorations newbuilds and the biggest fleet the class has ever seen appearing in the 2017 americas cup, the canterbury j class model yacht peter vincent and hugh hobden after some protracted negotiations purchased hulls and built up boats with three boats sailing others saw the potential and the rest is history and an active owners association has been formed a set of rules drawn up and championships sailed, the impressive luxury sailing yacht ranger was the first modern jclass sailing yacht produced built in 2003 in true jclass style not only is ranger gorgeous she is a thrill to sail with exceptional superyacht sailing performance ranger is an updated and competitive superyacht racing in both jclass and generic races, shamrock v was the first british yacht to be built to the new jclass rule she was commissioned by sir thomas lipton for his fifth americas cup challenge although refitted several times shamrock is the only jclass never to have fallen into dereliction, the inimitable j class among the largest and most innovative yachts of their day j class yachts delivered some of the liveliest americas cup competition ever seen between british and american yachtsmen, the jclass website points out that there are 10 unbuilt j designs from the 1930s so the possibilities for more jclass yachts are intriguing yachting world reported in may 2003 that construction was underway on a yacht replicating the famous gl watson design britannia photos showed a nearly completed hull at solombala shipyard in , the jclass yachts were originally designed to race for the americas cup between 1930 and 1937 their revival in recent years was initially driven by the acceptance of aluminium as a hull material which in itself created an incredible new level of interest in these fabulous americas cup yachts of the 1930s, j class yachts association youtube twitter wikipedia facebook

can you tell your js apart can you identify which j class yacht is which by its sail number and do you know whether its one of the originals or a more recently built replica in this essential guide we take a closer look at all nine j class yachts on the water today, enterprise to endeavour the jclass yachts ian dear on free shipping on qualifying offers only ten jclass yachts were ever built and they raced for the americas cup and other trophies in british and american waters for a mere eight seasons between 1930 and 1937, the sixth jclass yacht to be built and the second built on british soil was velsheda she was the only j not built as a contender for the americas cup her owner wl stephenson who previously owned white heather ii the 23metre converted to rate as a jclass in 1930 had velsheda built in steel in 1933 at the camper nicholson yard, j class yankee jh3 yet another j class yacht is to be build in the netherlands in the first decades of the 19th century several syndicates were building jclass yachts on september 23rd 2010 some eighty years later simon dierdorp chief of the syndicate will commission holland jachtbouw to build yankee jh3, the three jclass yachts race down wind in the solent on the final day of racing at the royal yacht squadron international bicentenary regatta left to right velsheda jk7 uklionheart jh1 netherlands rangerj5 caymansthe overall winner after four days of racing was velsheda, the story of the j class yacht is dominated by tycoons aviators and those who built empires of tea it is a story of fervent transatlantic competition in which vast sums of money were spent to both challenge and defend the coveted americas cup and it is the story of some of the most beautiful , endeavour was commissioned by sir tom sopwith to challenge for the americas cup in 1934 having prepared his campaign in shamrock v sopwith was keen to ensure that this yacht was the most advanced design possible, performance yachts offers a uniquely fresh and exciting concept in personalised blue water cruising yacht design and build the entire range features up to the minute designs by the award winning team at dixon yacht design headed by top international designer bill dixon, some j class yachts have fallen into disrepair over the years and changed hands for nominal sums others like endeavour are expensive because they have been kept in top condition at enormous expense rainbow and ranger are pretty new yachts and will be worth however much a historic superyacht that is five years old is worth, claasen shipyards has been in the vanguard of this development and has built one new jclass yacht and has crafted the hulls of three more for more information about the jclass please visit the website of the jclass association here wwwjclassyachtscom