John Deere 1951 Model B

john deere 1951 model b i picked up a 49 b on ebay last winter it was locked up as well i pulled the plugs and filled the cylinders with tranny fluid a couple weeks later i was drinking beer in my shop and grabbed the flywheel and gave it a tug out of frustration and it turned i worked it back and forth for a while and got it freed up depends on how long yours has been sittin stuck it may work for you too, the john deere model a was the first actual rowcrop tractor of the company and was produced from 1934 to 1952 the a had a few new features including an adjustable rear axle on most versions a completely hydraulic power lift system and a centerline hitch, about this page you are viewing our category listing of john deere b tractor parts and engine parts as one of the largest suppliers of new and rebuilt parts for these tractors you can count on our large inventory and discount prices, a discussion of the serial numbers found on john deere model b tractors

1951 B JOHN DEERE TRACTOR Collectors Weekly

antique john deere tractor jd g john deere g parts return to the shed this picture is of a 1951 john deere g propane model the styled g was made from 1943 through 1953, antique john deere tractor jd model r john deere r parts return to the shed everything about john deere model r tractor was massive and it was their most powerful tractor at the time

i recently purchased a 1951 john deere model a tractor i used to own a b model that model featured a 6 volt electrical system checking the specs on the model a it says its a six volt system as well, in general the only way to differentiate one year model b from the next is by looking at the serial number the following chart lists many of the the major parts changes that were made during the course of model b production, the a was john deeres first true rowcrop tractor replacing the gp there were several variants of the a the a was the rowcrop model the ar was a standard or fixed tread model, john deere links john deere b restoration story priority link the story of the restoration of a 1951 john deere b tractor on going cronical of the restoration with helpfull hints along the way