Kitchen As Per Vastu

kitchen as per vastu it is therefore very important for you to make your kitchen as per rules and regulations of vastu shastra so that the kitchen generates and enhances positive energy suppressing and even eliminating negative ones now combine the above two terms namely vastu and kitchen, vastu shastra tips for kitchen 11 simple vastu shastra tips for kitchen as the kitchen forms an integral part of the house the science of vastu steps to enhance the aura of the kitchen taking hi log in horoscope articles placement of the refrigerator as per vastu shastra, as per vastu for kitchen midnorth northeast midwest midsouth southwest and the center of a house should never be used for constructing a kitchen the pooja room or temple must never be above the stove or kitchen sink as it brings bad luck stove in the kitchen must not be visible from outside, according to vastu shastra the lord of agni fire prevails in southeast direction so ideally the kitchen should be located in southeast of the home the second best option is northwest part of the home the stove should be placed in southeast direction of the kitchen so that the cook may face east direction while cooking

VASTU Location Of Kitchen In The House As Per Vastu

as per the vastu shastra the kitchen should ideally be located in the southeastern part of the house the ruling planet of the kitchen is said to be venus while fire is kitchen structures , read our article to know kitchen vastu and arrangement of items in a kitchen as per vastu shastra while above mentioned tips are good and effective still the best and most favorable tip is to relocate the kitchen to southeast corner

vastu shastra tips for kitchen here the kitchen came towards southeast part of the house this would be the high ranked place for the kitchen kitchen towards southeast is the basic point there are lots of other inner points to be observed that we will discuss below as much as possible, kitchen is the most effected area of house from where all kind of energies prevails while an expert vastu consultant would surely identify about the adverse situation of house if kitchen is placed incorrectly, vastu shastra for kitchen hearth stove placing of kitchen in some areas kitchen is called as hearth oven cuisine cooking room culinary canteen pantry kitchenette cookery rasoee etc forms an important factor in vastu kitchen should always be at south east corner of the house or atleast to the north west corner of the house as a second best suitable place, kitchen in the northeast corner of the house brings sickness and poverty location of kitchen in the southwest may invite health issue to the female members of the family kitchen at the northwest is a neutral location as per vastu female members will find themselves busy in the kitchen for most of the time