Kitchen Design Gray

kitchen design gray

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a crisp neutral like sherwinwilliams kestrel white lets warm cabinetry pop but still creates a simple kitchen design gray can play a part in your uncluttered kitchen color palette as the color of countertops or flooring matte finishes like concrete reduce glare and absorb light giving you a more kitchen space, something about grey works just perfectly for kitchens the color teeters between a relaxing neutrality and an exciting warmth managing to provide the best of both worlds of course depending on what shade of grey you choose your kitchen could be closer to one end or the other gray kitchen cabinets design ideas, this gallery offers gorgeous gray and white kitchen ideas in a variety of design styles gray and white are both neutral colors and as such can compliment each other well while gray is most often used in contemporary and modern kitchen designs it can also be used in traditional kitchens with beautiful results, an 1870s carriage house in bedford new york has a charming grey kitchen that reflects its original stone structure the kitchen island is made of a vintage marble slab on a grey steel base the stove is by bluestar and the shelves are made of reclaimed wood the grey floor is concrete