Kitchen Sink Clogged Past P Trap

kitchen sink clogged past p trap

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sorry forgot to mention that i had a flexible ptrap rubber that i detached after pulling the pedestal out the good news is that the snake after a hell of a lot of elbow grease is proving to be the thirdgreatest snake in history after snake plissken and jake the snake roberts, be sure to put a bucket under the pipe before removing it unscrew the connectors securing the pipe to the sink drain and the wall and check for obstructions if the ptrap isnt clogged theres probably gunk inside the drain

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place the stopper in the sink and fill it with water release the stopper and watch beneath the sink to verify that the drain joints are not leaking if you clog remains after your work on the drain trap then your clog is deeper in the drain system and youll need to use a drain snake or call a plumber, how to unclog kitchen sink using a drain snake tips demo on brasscraft drum auger duration 648 mk patel 45374 views 648 super vee how to clear clogged drains how to video , if the clog is in the ptrap youll see a slow trickle of water lack of water means the clog is higher up in the drain assembly loosen the second ptrap slip nut and lower the ptrap into the bucket if the ptrap holds the clog all the water in the kitchen sink will rush down the drain into the bucket, if the ptrap isnt clogged move on and remove the trap arm and clean it to remove the trap arm loosen the slip nut and slide the trap arm from the drain line stubout you will likely need pliers to remove the nut next run a screwdriver around the inside of the pipe stubout and pull out any debris that may have collected in the opening