Kitchen Sink Not Centered Under Window

kitchen sink not centered under window our kitchen sink is like yours centered to cabinet not the window it is off by several inches replacing our kitchen counter sink is on my todo list i have not decided what to do about it but unless i can talk dh into new cabinets i am seriously thinking about leaving the situation asis and replacing everything in the same position, why traditionally are kitchen sinks fitted under a window i would say its mainly a british thing to have sinks under windows abroad nornally it not the case when i design a kitchen and it suit having it not under the window has its benifits as normally when you are at the sink you are looking in the sink rather that sight seeing where , if we center the sink under the window there is only a tiny piece of counter between the sink and stove for the cabinets if the sink is under the window there is not enough room between the sink the corner for a cabinet door that means wed end up with a blind corner cabinet even if we add pullout shelves its still not a great use of , the way my layout is now the sink is not centered under the window i suppose i can use some postremodel design tricks to lessen the visual impact of that but i am not sure what should my sink be centered under the window shoshannah august 4 2009 need help for kitchen sink not centered under the window 1 sink centered under

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off center kitchen sink i might have to do this it looks nice here visit for the home see more what others are saying best kitchen remodel after great kitchen makeovers sunset also totally makes sense for the microwave to be under the counter windows and natural light love this look white on white glass front , while im not a staunch opponent of the kitchen sink under the window i dont think its always appropriate here are a few things to consider when deciding on whether or not your sink belongs under a window 1 you dont wash dishes as much as your ancestors used to a kitchen sink under the window allows someone washing dishes to see the

a window over the kitchen sink a window over the kitchen sink regina yunghans may 26 2010 kitchen share pin it email the sink under the window was rounded up by kristen before but we cant help but revisit the subject as the weathers turned warm and our thoughts move toward the outdoors these are a few more beckoning sinkwindow , this was my issue in my kitchen design my sink base was not exactly centered with my casement window no this was not my kitchen designers fault because i was the designer and i wanted specific appliances and cabinets in specific places causing my sink base to be 38 of an inch offcenter to the window, quote why is the kitchen sink always placed below the window and another thing why is the toilet all the way in the bathroom it should be placed right in the middle of the living room so that if youre watching something good on tv you wont miss it you can just hop on over to the can and not miss a thing right, our old victorian house has no window over the kitchen sink here is a collection of design ideas for alternatives to a window over the kitchen sink options for a kitchen design with no window over the sink victoria elizabeth barnes kitchen 75 and used to jump on top of my entertainment center until i moved his leaping off point