Kitchenaid Mixer History

kitchenaid mixer history

Affordable Accoutrements September 2010


nearly a century of history the kitchenaid stand mixer kitchenaid mixer in julia childs kitchen at the smithsonian author rochelle hartman cc by 20 initially the mixers were white until 1955 when they started being available in a variety of colors sunny yellow island green petal pink and satin chrome, the iconic kitchenaid stand mixer was invented by an ohio engineer who was watching a baker mix bread dough with a heavy iron spoon and decided there had to be a better way the original enormous 80 quart commercial mixer was called the hobart and served on us navy battleships during world war i, the kitchenaid mixer has maintained its place as a status symbol for a century doing far more than modernizing countless kitchens the very appliance that has shaped so many lives directly reflects modern american history