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kitchenette architecture an overhang in architecture is a protruding structure which may provide protection for lower levels overhangs on two sides of pennsylvania dutch barns protect doors windows and other lower level structure overhangs on all four sides of barns is common in swiss architecture an overhanging eave is the edge of a roof protruding outwards beyond the side of the building generally to provide , basement kitchenette design tips 1 easy maintenance one of the things homeowners ignore when designing a basement kitchenette is maintenance simply because you have added space to your home does not mean that you have to saddle yourself with even more endless cleaning, geothermal in concrete home located in pennsylvania this is quote from the 40 ai dome owners mr mrs charles we live in the mountains of pa the winters up here can be brutal our ai dome is a 40ft with link on a 9 thick livable basement, when i was growing up my parents had a ramshackle cabin on lake pepin with lots of painted woodwork and beadboard what i wanted in my new house was that childhood cabin where i spent my summers but it needed to be bigger more sophisticated and cleaner in design

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sro or single room occupancy units are often converted to full class a apartments learn the different types and the process in converting sros in nyc, from the architects all that because i believe that mountain architecture is an emblematic example of sustainable architecture using materials obtained from nature and for obvious reasons found in placefrom a formal point of view the house refers to the rural houses the only sloping roof completely coated by stone and with no eaves

examples one example of hawaiian architecture featuring a lānai is the albert spencer wilcox beach house on the island of kauai the residence of queen liliʻuokalani washington place in honolulu was constructed with open lānais on all sides architectural feature the use of the lānai is one of the hawaiian modern features in the style of some of the buildings of vladimir ossipoff , photography by michael nicholson architect ulrika saar together with builder russ davis from avalon constructions have completed a small 312 square foot 29 sqm studio granny flat in sydney australia that has multiple uses the versatile space accommodates a home office kitchenette living quarters bathroom with laundry shed with indooroutdoor workspace storage garden , canada house canada house located on trafalgar square in central london has been canadas diplomatic home since 1925 but as diplomatic functions expanded and technology evolved canada house didnt keep upit didnt celebrate the best of canada, the old hotel is where you can enjoy the quaint oldtime atmosphere of phuket the old phuket at karon beach is a sinoportugesestyle design that evokes memories of 19th century southeast asia and it is built as a replica of the architecture that still remains in the old sections of phuket town