Living Room Colors According To Vastu

living room colors according to vastu colors vastu how to choose the best colors for your home red red is a bold color it represents lust passion materialism base energies bravery power blue sky and water are represented by this color green growth nature relaxation healing fertility abundance prosperity , according to vastu shastra colours for living room in south if the living room zone in south is balanced then use any light shade of red pink orange violet purple or lilac colour if the living room zone in south is cut or low then use any light shade of brown or green colour, 8 vastu colours for a happy home 1 living room our living room is the introduction of our personality 2 dining room green pink and blue are the colours ideal for the dining room 3 master bedroom the most appropriate colours for bedrooms are pink blue green 4 childrens room , while each direction has a specific colour at times it may still not suit the owner therefore home owners should adhere to the general guidelines for colours as per vastu shastra which entails the following key points northeast light blue east white or light blue

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inside the structure you can paint the south wall of the living room red to create life force energy colour combination for bedroom according to vastu rosy red or pink shades can be used in , vastu for living room is simpleliving room vastu tips arevastu colors for drawing room are whiteyellowliving room in north brings wealth skip to primary navigation skip to content

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best colours combination for living room according to vastu shastra colour combination for bedroom walls according to vastu home ideas colour combination for living room walls according to vastu vastu colours for rooms based on direction humming gardens blog whats people lookup in this blog colour combination for living room according to vastu, vastu colors for the living room the color of the walls should be white blue green yellow choose light colors over the darker ones this is because lighter tones help brighten up the mood and spread the feeling of warmth placement of carpets and rugs according to vastu for living room, living room vastu tips vastu tips for drawing room colors choose the right colour for your room to bring in good luck now a day there is trend of using contrast in , wall colour some colours bring positive energy to the living room as per vastu white light yellow green and blue are the best choices for the living area as they bring in a tranquil vibe use these colours on their own or in a combination to maximize the positivity in the space avoid black and red for living room walls