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living room furniture ideas with fireplace minimalist living room in most rooms it makes sense to arrange the furniture around the fireplace as is the case with this room from texas construction company in most rooms fireplaces become natural focal points here the colorful artwork above helps reinforce the point and all the seating is directed around it, living room design with a fireplace small living room design with floral wallpaper in blue and white colors classic wood furniture and a fireplace bright color hues appeal to kids and adults and a mix of decoration patterns and colors give the living room design a designer vibe, 15 living room furniture layout ideas with fireplace to inspire you usually a fireplace is chosen to act as a focal point in the room and you might wonder how to arrange your living room furniture the right way with the existence of fireplace that being the case we will offer you 15 living room furniture layout ideas with fireplace you can steal

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a typical living room layout has comfy sofas to relax in center and side tables for your accessories and stuffs a fireplace to keep you warm and an entertainment area with a television to bring you fun and enjoyment, 50 inspiring living room decorating ideas update an oldschool brick fireplace its not as much about where you put your furniture as it is about the types of pieces you choose in

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explore the beautiful furniture arrangement around fireplace ideas photo gallery and find out exactly why houzz is the best experience for home renovation and design midsized mountain style living room photo in seattle with a standard fireplace and beige walls this living room represents emphasis because the fireplace is the focal point , to maximize your storage space in your small living room try adding bookcases to either side of the fireplace for a faux builtin look 2 center fireplace with two stylish sofas if your fireplace is located in the center of your small living room you can maximize space by using two small loveseats for seating instead of a single large sofa, if your tv is mounted above the fireplace your designing is much easier your focus will be all on one place as you determine how to lay out your living room we offer some design tips and tricks dos and donts for living room layouts with a fireplace do arrange your furniture to allow for ease of movement to and from the fireplace