Looney Tunes Sinkin In The Bathtub

looney tunes sinkin in the bathtub product description looney tunes golden collection volume 3 dvd restored remastered and reediculous completely uncut and uncensored looneyness including some home video debuts, looney tunes is an american animated series of comedy short films produced by warner bros from 1930 to 1969 during the golden age of american animation alongside its sister series merrie melodies it was known for introducing bugs bunny daffy duck porky pig elmer fudd tweety sylvester granny yosemite sam foghorn leghorn marvin the martian pepé le pew speedy gonzales tasmanian , sinkin in the bathtub is the first warner bros theatrical cartoon short as well as the very first of the looney tunes series the title is a pun on the 1929 song singin in the bathtub the short was produced directed supervised and coanimated by harman and ising with animation by a very young friz freleng and his friends leon schlesinger was credited as an associate producer and the , product description looney tunes golden collection the dvd theyre the crown princes of animation theyre the international ambassadors of cartoon comedy

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modifier looney tunes est une série de dessins animés propriété de la warner bros wb cette série a précédé celle des merrie melodies les personnages de la warner deviennent également connus sous le nom looney tunes souvent mal épelé intentionnellement ou non sous le nom de looney toons looney tunes est une variation de silly symphonies le nom des séries , disc 1 looney tunes golden collection vol 3 disc one play all shorts select for a commentary select for a commentary, looney tunes and merrie melodies were two series of theatrical cartoon shorts running from 1930 to 1969 warner bros initially distributed the cartoons for independent producer leon schlesinger before buying the studio in 1944 and moving it inhouse in 1955 originally as the names indicate these , november 6 2012 porky pig super stars dvd now in stores 16 new to dvd cartoons tttodays the ddadthis is it the hotly anticipated porky pig volume in the looney tunes super stars dvd series porky friends hilarious ham is now in stores and available on amazon the dvd contains the following