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louis xiv living room a drop leaf table from the 19th century in the louis xiv style with a black painted finish the leaves easily open and close a table such as this would make an interesting feature at the end of a hal, louis xiv also popularly known as the sun king 5 september 16381 september 1715 was the king of france and king of navarre from 14 may 1643 until his death he was a king for 72 years this was the longest recorded rule of any european monarchhe is often seen as the typical example of absolutismhe was the oldest of two brothers the other being philippe, the seventytwo year reign of louis xiv was marked by an opulent extravagance best exemplified by the construction of his palace at versailles in 1682 here the entire french nobility was expected to take residence and to participate in elaborate ceremonies festivals and dinners louis motivation , his natural talents were below mediocrity but he had a mind capable of improvement of receiving polish of assimilating what was best in the minds of others without slavish imitation and he profited greatly throughout his life from having associated with the ablest and wittiest persons of both sexes and of various stations

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the famous memorialist the duke of saintsimon wrote of louis xiv with an almanach and a watch one could from 300 leagues away say with accuracy what he was doing the kings day was timed to the minute to allow the officers in his service to plan their own work accordingly from morning to evening his day ran like clockwork to a schedule that was just as strictly ordered as life , life in versailles was conducted with militarylike precision all revolving around the kings activities the duc de saintsimon wrote of louis xiv with an almanac and a watch you could be three hundred leagues from here and say what he was doingthe kings day from awaking to retiring was regulated like clockwork and accompanied by pomp and ceremony, the reign of louis xiv 1638 1715 the history of versailles is inextricably linked with the figure of louis xiv although the location existed for centuries before the sovereign louis xiv developed a genuine liking for versailles early on and decided to extend it beyond the chateau that had grown out of the hunting lodge of brick and stone first built by his father, the palace of versailles is an opulent complex and former royal residence outside of paris it has held sway in the public imagination for years because of its architectural grandeur and political