Luxury Kitchen Backsplash Design

luxury kitchen backsplash design

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the backsplash is frequently emphasized by the design world elite when it comes to upgrading your kitchen bathroom or bar space as understated as it is expansive the backsplash takes up a considerable amount of space and yet is often treated as an afterthoughtwhen thought of at all, hickman crowned the kitchen with kevin reillys altar hanging light barstools by vicente wolf from niedermaier pull up to deep bluetoned countertops by chadwicks surfaces international christopher peacock cabinetry brightens the space while faucets by waterworks add sparkle, backsplash design has become more creative and artful with design to incorporate textures and different shaped tiles today you will find a mixture of traditional and contemporary backsplash designs with personal touches sprinkled in below we look at 8 backsplash design trends that should gain popularity in 2018 1, if youre contemplating a kitchen remodel or installing a new kitchen and budget isnt your second third or even a top ten concern youll definitely want to explore the wide range of options available for luxury kitchens many homeowners begin their luxury kitchen design process by considering the layout of the kitchen of their dreams