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luxury tax on yachts president bush in his budget proposals asked congress to repeal the 10 percent luxury tax on yachts priced at more than 100000 and also on private planes that cost more than 250000, how tax reform affects yacht businesses in 2018 with tax reform the section 179 limitation is increased to 1000000 for tax years after 2017 with phaseout beginning at 2500000 of qualifying assets placed in service for for five years doubling of the estate tax exemption from 56 million to 112 million may help some yacht buyers, luxury tax in the united states this tax was levied on material goods such as watches expensive furs boats yachts private jet planes jewelry and expensive cars congress enacted a 10 percent luxury surcharge tax on boats over 100000 cars over 30000 aircraft over 250000 and furs and jewelry over 10000, the luxury tax on yachts requires boat buyers to pay a 10 extra federal sales tax on that part of the purchase over 100000 but boat sales dropped sharply and revenues from the levy have been

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new luxury tax trimming boat sales the luxury tax which began jan 1 is applied to that part of a new boats sale price over 100000 the national marine manufacturers association the industry trade group estimates that from 10000 to 15000 boats nationally will be subject to the tax, burgess is the global leader in luxury yachts find out about superyacht purchase construction chartering and sales here or make an enquiry today

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patrick kennedy drhode island introduced the boat building investment act hr 677 which was sort of a trickledown economic response to the luxury tax on recreational boat sales kennedys proposal offered a 20 percent tax credit up to 2 million to anyone purchasing a new yacht 50 feet and longer, the yacht costs 2995000 but thanks to the current luxury tax that kicks in at 100000 you have to fork over another 289500 rich people arent happy about paying this extra money even if , the culprit boat industry officials say a 10percent federal luxury tax that went into effect in january on new pleasure boats that cost more than 100000, when congress imposed a 10 percent luxury tax on yachts private airplanes and expensive automobiles sen ted kennedy and thensenate majority leader george mitchell crowed publicly about how the