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makeshift bathtub how to build your own homemade bathtub step 1 lay out the size and shape of the tub and build a frame of 2by4s step 2 roughin the plumbing for the drain and faucet step 3 cut a 45inch hole in the plywood where the drain will go step 4 fasten concrete backer board to the frame using , sometimes you may need some help closing a drain outlet this guide contains makeshift bathtub and sink stopper ideas, the only place we found in time is pretty great except that it has no bath tub just a shower stall we adults will make do but this presents me with difficulties washing my son who is going to be 14 months old is definitely growing too big and way too splashy for the kitchen sink and anyway just loves to splash around in a tub

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how to make homemade bath salts bath salts are a relaxing soothing and moisturizing addition to any bath and making your own is a fun and inexpensive diy project that you can do in your kitchen homemade bath salts also make excellent, homemade bath salts quick trick for a quick and easy cheat try this add a cup or two of epsom salts to your hot running bath water then pour in a tablespoon of your favorite aromatherapy bath oil just before you climb in piece of cake or for an even easier cheat get bath salts at the click of a button check out bath salts at

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homemade shower cleaner and soap scum remover measure out equal amounts of dawn soap and white vinegar somewhere between one and two cups of each should be plenty heat the white vinegar in your microwave until hot then pour it into your spray bottle pour the dawn soap into the bottle as well then put the lid on and gently shake to mix, homemade bath and shower cleaner recipe just spray it on scrub and rinse for tough soap scum buildup spray the mixture on and allow it to sit for about 30 minutes scrub and rinse do be careful it does make alot of bubbles so the tub might be slippery if there are too many bubbles try mixing two parts vinegar to one part dawn salt will also dissolve the bubbles, how to make homemade bath salts 1 cup epsom salt 12 cup sea salt 14 cup baking soda 810 drops of essential oils or more if desired use about 12 to 1 cup of the mixture per bath depending on the size of the tub i have even just halved the ingredients and added them directly to the bath water