New Belgian Farmhouse Ale

new belgian farmhouse ale

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an alternate name for this belgian beer farmhouse ale refers to the tiny farmhouses dotting the land in which this style was first brewed and also reflects some of the aromas and flavors which may include a mild earthy musty tart sour or barnyard character from naturally occurring brettanomyces yeast, the farmhouse ale is a misunderstood style of beer and thats because its not a style but more of a lifestyle beer here is everything you need to know, belgian beer in a can oh yeah smuttynose farmhouse ale hampton new hampshire beers on the farm were brewed to a few different strengths for different purposes while lowalcohol table beers were refreshing throughout the day and midstrength beers were a little more rich and nourishing there we also higheroctane regional specialties , belgiums new farmhouse ale breweries my wife and i bought this farm in 2005 some of the old stone buildings date to 1749 we spent the first two years renovating it and adding running water and electricity said alexandre dumont de chassart one of the two brewing partners of brasserie jandrainjandrenouille