Night Of The Living Dead Farmhouse

night of the living dead farmhouse

La Noche De Los Muertos Vivientes Night Of The Living

the living dead have taken over the world and the last humans live in a walled city to protect themselves as they come to grips with the situation fifteen years after murdering his sister on halloween night 1963 michael myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of haddonfield to kill again, night of the living dead is a 1990 american horror film directed by tom savini and starring tony todd patricia tallman and tom towlesit is a remake of george a romeros 1968 horror film of the same nameromero rewrote the original 1968 screenplay he had originally coauthored with john a russo, a remake of george romeros 1968 blackandwhite classic that begins in a cemetery as the recentlydead return to life from an unknown cause and attack the living as their prey one woman escapes the frightening zombies to take refuge with others in a farmhouse as every cadaver for miles around hungers for their flesh

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the farmhouse is sanctuary a place to escape from the living dead once inside you find out quickly that they have been here before blood drips over the banister, this is the first floor of the farmhouse from the original night of the living dead translated into a 5foot scale battlemat adapting real buildings to a battlemat can require some distortion but the layout of the map is reasonably faithful to the film, both romero and russo made cameos night of the living dead s cocreators make cameo appearances in the film russo played one of the ghouls who managed to reach into the farmhouse only to be struck with a tire iron while romero can be seen in the washington dc sequences as a reporter