Repair Acrylic Bathtub

repair acrylic bathtub

How To Repair A Cracked Acrylic Bathtub

acrylic fiberglass bathtub hole repair are easily taken care of providing relief from expensive replacement should the hole be in the fiberglass tubs bottom again this is due to the tub being unsupported underneath, acrylic bath repair kit rapid setting repairs chips scratches cracks splits in baths shower trays in rapid time european white 1w28 lucite ici colour matched by anglo 13999 139 99 512 shipping, the tub is very easy to clean as there are no pores in the acrylic most dirt will simply wash off with clean water we recommend using liquid dish washing soap such as joy palmolive or similar clorox bleach windex ammonia based glass cleaners formula 409 and fantastic are stronger cleaners that are also safe to use