Replace A Bathtub Drain

replace a bathtub drain

Bathroom Repair How To Repair A Foot Lock Bathtub Drain

average cost to install or replace a bathtub is about 2500 5 ft acrylic bathtub new surround and fixtures find here detailed information about bathtub installation costs, the watco universal nufit is a quick and easy way to freshen up your tub drain and the ultimate overflow gasket takes care of the issues of any leaking you may have from the overflow gasketthe ultimate overflow kit uses a patented gasket that fits on the outside of the tub and telescopes into the overflow tube bypassing the damaged gasket eliminating the leaks, replacing a broken bathtub spout is a simple inexpensive project in this article well show you the most common types of spouts and how to replace them even if youve never tackled a plumbing project before you can handle replacing the spout and dont worry you dont need any special skills , your tub stopper is such a small part of your bathroom overall yet can cause big headaches when it isnt functioning properly if you need help figuring out how to remove or replace your tub drain stopper youve come to the right place