Replacing Bathtub Drain Assembly

replacing bathtub drain assembly removing a drain assembly from a sink is much easier as you can access the underside of the sink and many sink drains have similar construction since you cannot access the underside of the bathtub you must remove the stopper to access the drain body once you remove the stopper the drain assembly can be disconnected, watch me repair and replace my bathtub drain it corroded so much that is needed replacement it was leaking and would not hold water in the tub, how to remove a push pull popup bathtub drain assembly some bathtub drains have a small screw located in the side of it that needs to be loosened first so depending on your type of bathtub drain remove it according to the type once removed replace it with the new bathtub drain kit

Remove Bathtub Stopper Bath Tub Drain Plug Removing

drain replacement help in some cases a rusted pivot rod end can cause the popup stopper to stick in the drain when these types of problems occur it is time to fix your drain moen sells many kinds of drain replacement parts including drain replacements for kitchen sink drains bathroom sink drains bathtub drains and shower floor drains

step 3 lubricate the plunger and linkage reinstall them into the overflow drain partially fill the tub and check to see if the drain holds water then open the drain and check the flow rate if the drain allows water to seep out loosen the locknut turn the lift rod counterclockwise and then tighten the locknut, how to replace a bathtub drain flange step 7 place the flange in the drain hole slowly turn the drain clockwise to catch the first few threads of the drain elbow underneath the tub be careful not to cross thread note the use of thread sealers like ptfe tape is not needed for this application, steps 7 replace the screws in the overflow plate and flip up the trip lever 8 fill the tub with a little water shut the faucet then check to see if the water stays in the tub if it drains out remove the overflow plate lengthen the linkage a little bit more and reinstall it 9 lift up on the trip lever