Restore Bamboo Furniture

restore bamboo furniture restoring a bamboo chair can be accomplished in a single weekend related articles restoring a bamboo chair to its former beauty can be difficult if you dont know just the right methods on a warm day the whole procedure can take less than 24 hours though so dont throw away your favorite bamboo furniture just yet, how to care for bamboo furniture generally bamboo furniture requires periodic dusting and an occasional deep cleaning polishing is also necessary if you live in an area with low humidity furniture kept outside needs a bit more attention as well as proper placement if you find older bamboo furniture you can restore it with a bit of cleaning sanding and polishing

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repair broken strands in the body place a small amount of glue inside the woven strands tuck one end into the woven wicker next to the broken strand and begin weaving the new piece in the same pattern as the old image 2 using a pair of needlenose pliers to assist if necessary once the new strand is in place cut off any excess, how to restore your bamboo fences natural color stain will keep it looking and feeling fresh and new for years with its sealant properties and rich natural shades bamboo stain will accentuate your bamboos original color and bring out its shine for an enhanced bright beautiful appearance

step 2 cleaning wicker scrub off the dust and grime using the brush alternatively by using the vacuum brush attachment you can vacuum clean the furniture make a solution of warm water and dish washing soap and using a soft sponge clean the furniture next wipe the furniture using a rag and clean water, bamboo is a smart choice for patio furniture or for creating a casual look and relaxed atmosphere in other rooms in your home bamboo can last a long time but it is also vulnerable to scratches