Should I Tip Delivery Furniture

should i tip delivery furniture

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you should follow your gut and base your decision on whether to tip or not based on how regularly you see the person how much they help you out and perhaps how much their job or livelihood

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my husband was a furniture deliverer for a year most people didnt tip but he was grateful when they did especially if the delivery was particularly onerous he didnt see anything from the delivery fee and wasnt paid very much for the job, the bed and sofa are coming from room and board which offers in home delivery and furniture setup for a flat fee there may only be one delivery guy but im not sure nothing too complicated about the setup except that the bed goes on the 2nd floor, just bought some furniture from sleepys and i am wondering if i should tip the delivery guys when they come if so what would be a reasonable amount my two delivery orders are in the amount of 500 and 1100 respectively and the delivery fee was an additional 80 for both orders does the 10 rule still apply thanks much