Sliding Transfer Bench For Bathtub

sliding transfer bench for bathtub what is a bathtub transfer bench for elderly a bathtub transfer bench is necessary safety equipment that helps individuals with limited mobility such as the elderly and people with injuries to get into a tub for a bath or shower easily, toilettotub sliding transfer bench easily glides from toilet to tub 350lb capacity adjustable height to fit both user needs and bathtub wall clearance simplify bathing transfers, the homecraft transfer bath bench helps with safe transfers into the bathtub from a wheelchair the bench offers a sturdy seat for the elderly or those with disabilities, transfer bench slides left and right along frame for easy entry into and out of tub seat height adjusts in ½ increments folds flat for transport and storage figure a

Sliding Transfer Bench For Bathtub Home Design Ideas

for those confined to a wheelchair one of the most difficult mobility issues is moving to and from the chair to an automobile bath or bed a transfer board or transfer bench can make all the difference in the world as far as facilitating easy transfers, for individuals that need help getting into a tub to take a shower or bath a bathtub transfer bench is a great solution to make this process as easy and seamless as possible the way it works is an individual sits at the end of the transfer bench positioned on the outside of the bathtub

a transfer bench is a bath safety mobility device which the user sits on to get into a bathtub the user usually sits on the bench which straddles the side of the tub and gradually slides from the outside to , since we first created the swivel sliding transfer bench we have perfected our benches over the decades from sliding transfer benches to tub mounts to swivel shower chairs weve got you covered with over 30 different benchchair models to fit any potential safety and comfort needs we meet the need, the bathtub transfer bench is designed to assist individuals while entering and exiting the bath for renewed independence blowmolded plastic bath bench and backrest ensure maximum stability and are reversible to accommodate any bathroom, the carousel premium padded sliding transfer bench and bathshower chair is the perfect bathroom aid for individuals with decreased andor painful mobility challenges the carousel is the only transfer bench that incorporates a padded seat base backrest and pivoting armrests for the ultimate in safety and comfort i