Spaetzle And Chicken Soup

spaetzle and chicken soup etymology spätzle is the swabian diminutive of sparrowbefore the use of mechanical devices the pasta was shaped by hand or with a spoon and the results resembled spatzen plural of spatz meaning sparrows sparrow is spatz or sperling in german spätzle is the diminutive of spatz unchanged in plural knöpfle means small buttons and describes the compact round form of the pasta, chicken soup is one of the most painless and pleasing recipes a home cook can master this soup has all the classic flavors celery carrot parsley but has been updated for todays cooks who cant easily buy the stewing hen and packet of soup vegetables that oldfashioned recipes used to call for, place the chicken carrots celery and onion in a large soup pot cover with cold water heat and simmer uncovered until the chicken meat falls off of the bones skim off foam every so often, this chicken soup will warm the cockles of your heart chicken is simmered with vegetables and pasta in a seasoned chicken stock enjoy during those cold winter months

Farmhouse Chicken Soup With Spaetzle Recipe Genius Kitchen

okay its time to make the spätzle traditionally spätzle was made by hand using a spätzle brett or spätzle board you would rub a slab of dough out onto a wetted board and use a pastry cutter or long sharp knife to quickly cut off strands of the dough into simmering water, there are about as many recipes for chicken noodle soup as there are people who enjoy it which is everyone well everyone but me i understand that announcing that one does not like chicken noodle soup is tantamount to saying that one dislikes comfort thick sweaters on brisk fall days well

a whole chicken is stewed and then the meat is simmered with celery onions beef bouillon and chicken noodle soup mix in this soup seasoned with thyme poultry seasoning pepper and basil, easy german spaetzle recipe ready in only 15 minutes and a great german side dish for all kinds of recipes its super easy to make from scratch and downright delicious, the name spaetzle is german for little sparrow which is what the shape of these tiny noodles or dumplings resemble serve them as a side dishtossed with a little melted butter like potatoes or rice or topped with a creamy sauce or gravy, just cooked this soup for lunch for my poorly kids one having had four wisdom teeth removed and the other has tonsillitis it was brilliant so easy and so delicious a complete hit the only thing i did differently was i cooked some chicken thigh bones and whole chicken wings to make the stock