Star Kits Fiber Optic Lighting Kits

star kits fiber optic lighting kits

DIY Fiber Optic Lighting Star Sky Ceiling Lamp Kit Sparkletwinkle Light Effect EBay

fiber creations offers a multitude of stunning fiber optic fiberstars products we offer things such as accent lighting for pools and spas landscape design and hard to reach areas fiberstars products include star ceilings a gorgeous way to make your home or business create a unique impression, 16w rgbw 28key remote led fiber optic star ceiling light kit 150pcs 075mm 2m 2pcs shooting stars effect light color rgbw fiber opitc engine whiteshooting star engine 1x 16w rgbw light engi

home fiber optic lighting dyi fiber optic star ceiling panel kits dyi fiber optic star ceiling panel kits these kits were designed for the diy type customers who need a more efficient way to manage the fiber than from large bundles sold in our standard star ceiling kits, star ceiling kits star ceiling kits contain the illuminator light engine fiber optic strands rf remote control and power supply in one convenient package these kits are great for a diy job when fiber runs are between 1216 ft all of our kits contain light sources that are led based so they are very efficient and dont produce much heat, we have packaged a simple and low cost star ceiling kits for you the kits will cover up to a standard 10 x 12 room you can pick from our standard eg32 which has 32 75mm fibers or try our egp48 mix which has 5mm 75mm and 15mm fibers so you get larger and smaller stars then pick eather white or colored led coolsky unit with that package, wiedamark is the worlds largest supplier of fiber optic star ceiling kits wiedamarks star kits provide a complete solution for small and medium size star ceilings floors or walls these kits provide everything you need including an illuminator fiber optic cable and complete installation instructions