Stopped Up Toilet And Bathtub

stopped up toilet and bathtub close the tub drain or have a helper block it while you plunge the toilet blocking the tub drain will direct more pressure toward the obstruction clear the blockage with a toilet auger if plunging has no effect insert the head of the auger into the toilet bowl and push until you encounter resistance, the overflow holes on the sink should be covered with duct tape as well the next thing you want to do is pour water into the toilet bowel the water should come up in the bathroom sink or the bathtub drain this helps verify that there is enough pressure within the interconnected pipes, fix clog toilet and the water backs up into the bathtub or shower drains daniel rescue movers repair a clogged toilet trap clog remove trick duration

How To Clear A Stopped Up Toilet Home Guides SF Gate

how a clogged sewer line can cause toilet water to appear in your tub all of your plumbing devices toilets sinks bathtubs etc feed into the same main sewer line if your drains and main sewer drain are clear of debris water flows easily and effortlessly out of your home when you flush the toilet as seen in the image below

but when your sewer line is partially clogged that large volume of water from flushing your toilet cant get down the drain fast enough and some of it diverts up your bathtubs drain since the drain line isnt completely clogged the water empties out of the toilet and bathtub after a few minutes, if you have one use a fluted plunger designed to seal off the toilet bowl you may want to get a second standard plunger and have an assistant seal off the drain in the shower to increase the thrust action of the plunger plunge the toilet up and down several times and then quickly break the seal by pulling the plunger up, rather periodically pouring a homemade drain cleaner down a bathtub or sinks drain will work just as well pour a cup of baking soda down your drain follow that with a cup of vinegar and then plug the drain hole wait 30 minutes and then flush with hot water