The Best Ideas Of How To Turn A Closet Into An Office

the best ideas of how to turn a closet into an office

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10 ways to turn your closet into an office a desk theres no need for a big hulkin desk if youre short on space go for a petite desk and when your work is done you can just close the door on your office via a thoughtful place 3 wallpapered closet putting wallpaper inside your cloffice will create the feeling of a separate room, 1 make a homework space apply a coat of chalkboard paint to closet walls for a distrationfree space if your child needs help with their homework use some chalk to work out the problem, behind closed doors whats great about turning your closet into an office space is that if you decide to keep the doors on it you can close them and put all that work out of sight a great option for when you want your den to look like a den or your bedroom to look like a bedroom photos from country living and mood maybe