Tintagel Village Post Office This Is A 600 Year Old

tintagel village post office this is a 600 year old constructed in around 1380 ce the house has gone numerous changes and uses over the years including a brief stint as a post office during the victorian era oh and i forgot to mention tintagel old post office is reputedly haunted medieval manor origins from the outset the house was destined to play a large role in the history of the town, the garden at tintagel old post office the cottage garden at the old post office provides a welcome retreat from the busy high street awash with colour throughout the year the dramatic change throughout the seasons gives reason to return, the old post office is a quaint little buidling that is looked after by the national trust its got a few rooms over a couple of floors and a small garden at that back that you can have a stroll around its 600 years old so i cant moan too much about the condition it is in, the old post office situated in the north cornwall village of tintagel was acquired by the national trust in 1903 one hundred years later the trust is celebrating the centenary of the acquisition of this unique and extraordinary building

Tintagel Old Post Office

route description here are just a few of the highlights of the tintagel area tintagels old post office is a 600yearold traditional cornish longhouse owned by the national trust it has a beautiful enclosed cottage garden tintagel visitor centre has lots of information about the area including history, easter at tintagel old post office theres plenty going on at tintagel old post office this easter in our cadbury easter egg hunts you can follow the clues hidden within the ancient building and claim your cadbury chocolate prize create a rag rug easter bunny in a workshop or hear traditional folk music in the garden

the old post office in tintagel is a 600yearold traditional cornish longhouse with a cottage garden 7 day weather forecast our weather forecast for tintagel in cornwall is split into two widgets, tintagel old post office is a 600yearold cornish longhouse set in cottage gardens retaining its mediaeval slatepaved hall and fireplace it was built in the 14th century when tintagel castle belonged to the black prince, one of the attractions of the village at tintagel on cornwalls north coast is the old post office it is actually a 14th century stone house of a medieval manor style the house became the post office during queen victorias reign when the building was granted a licence to become the receiving office for the local area, the old post office tintagel old post office is a fine example of a medieval building and is located in the heart of the village it is a time capsule of true historical value and character the buildings quirky layout makes it a joy to explore the old post office sits in well maintained gardens and is a must see on a sunny summer day