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tip furniture delivery guys tipping furniture delivery people falls into that weird area where we should tip someone who does a good job lugging heavy furniture and appliances around is absolutely no fun but the custom in this category is not to tip, its appropriate to tip each person in the furniture delivery crew between 5 and 10 according to us news world report tip on the higher end of this scale if the furniture item is excessively heavy if the crew is delivering multiple products or if delivery of the item was difficult for example if the crew had to navigate a circular staircase, you already paid a grand or more for the furniture plus delivery you dont need to tip except the delivery guys might not be seeing much of the money not that i really know posted by delmoi at 1002 pm on july 14 2005

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my husband was a furniture deliverer for a year most people didnt tip but he was grateful when they did especially if the delivery was particularly onerous he didnt see anything from the delivery fee and wasnt paid very much for the job

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i always tip at least 10 per person so usually 20 total when i had my bedroom set delivered the 2 guys couldnt get one piece up the stairs and around the corner themselves so they had to wait for the guys from another truck to come help, the 2 delivery guys will also assemble the crib in babys room for us i imagine it will take 30 minutes i dont tip furniture delivery people i feel like thats built into the delivery fee with that being said if youre grateful for a service there is nothing wrong with tipping anyone i would say 10person is appropriate, sometimes people dont tip these types of delivery guys because they were charged a delivery fee getting pizza driven to your doorstep also has a delivery fee but that doesnt mean you dont tip