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top ten yachts worlds top 10 most expensive luxury yachts 2018 1 history supreme price 45 billion 2 eclipse 15 billion 3 streets of monaco 11 billion 4 azzam 650 million 5 dubai 350 million 6 motor yacht a 323 million 7 al said 300 million 8 dilbar 256 million , todays yachts are filled with more technology gadgets and amenities than most fivestar hotels in them you can find bars swimming pools hot tubs 1000 thread count linens and oh so much more all this comes at a rather steep price, top 10 biggest yachts in the world azzam 180 meters azzam is now the biggest yacht in the world eclipse 1625 meters eclipse is the second largest yacht in the world dubai 162 meters we are now in the top 3 largest yachts in the world al said 155 meters impressive and huge al said is

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here are the top 10 most expensive yachts in the world list 10 al said 300 million 9 pelorus 300 million 8 radiant 320 million 7 a 323 million 6 serene 330 million 5 dubai , the azzam is another superyacht creation by the people of lürssen yachts and they claimed it was the most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built at 650 million and 590feet long the azzam is said to be the largest private yacht in the world, today we will discuss top 10 most luxurious yacht brands of the world the yacht is a pontoon or ship that is used for recreational purposes princess yachts is the producer of these vessels the yacht is a dutch word it is utilized to set out starting with one place then onto the next in water by which diverse low countries can likewise be gone too