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under stairs home office ideas the home office effective space utilization for stairways what do you do with that bit of empty space under the stairsits been a question that has been long asked, wondering if theres a way to make use of that empty space under your staircase you can transform this overlooked area into a place for your pet to snooze a cozy reading nook a fun playhouse for the kids and more get inspired by these creative ideas keep your pets out of trouble when theyre , 1 designer shang yan design guan pin a large table in this home office setup acts as a double sided desk for two users this is particularly suitable if youd like a dual home office space that doubles as a dining room because by just adding a few more chairs youve got an ideal family eating area, below 20 small home office ideas for interior design your working space for small rooms will be presented the number of home offices is growing not only thanks to modern technologies that allow people to work without leaving home but because of the increased amount of work that many of us take home at every opportunity

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interior design 17 clever uses for the space under the stairs creative solutions ranging from sneaky storage to cozy nooks tackle the homes trickiest triangle, dont let that space go to waste the space under the stairs is often home to bulky furniture that doesnt quite fit its a crime to squander such a versatile chunk of space when everyones dream is to own a home with more storage

contemporary home office design ideas working from home has become popular nowadays more than 39 million worker in the us including small business owner employees and contractors have to spend sometimes work on their own home, combining your love for design and wine can be both a hard and demanding task that puts a strain on the available space and budget for most homeowners a dedicated wine cellar seems like a distant dream because they simply cannot afford to give up that kind of space in an already modest home but with a hint of creativity some help from ingenious architects and an outofthebox design , in most multilevel residences the space under stairs can create some unusual awkwardly shaped spaces that can be difficult to program wondering if there is a way to make use of empty space under your staircase, 1 layer lighting while desk lamps are usually a given thinking outside the box might just give your home office the wow factor it needs consider including recessed led lighting in the design of your home office to illuminate the room with a soft glow as this project above from neil dusheiko architects goes to show the room is wrapped in a warm light while a picture window cuts into the