Using Coke To Clean Bathtub

using coke to clean bathtub

How To Remove Brown Stains From The Toilet Bowl

thanks to its effectiveness as a grease remover you can also use cola to help remove bakedon grease from your pots and pans for a pot or sauce pan add a can of coke to it and sit it on a burner on low heat leave it for 30 minutes to an hour then remove from heat use a scouring pad to scrub away the grime, can you clean your toilet bowl with cocacola duration 300 as seen on social media 1342757 views 300 egg in coca cola for 1 year experiment duration 320, one of the main ingredients in coke is citric acid citric acid is an excellent cleanser widely used for cleaning glass windowpanes all you have to do is soak a cloth with coke and rub your window with it and then wash the glass pane with water to ensure that no residue of the sugary beverage is present on the glass, how to clean a toilet with coke measure out a cup or two of coke open a bottle or can of coke pour the coke into the bowl pour the coke around the rim of the bowl let the coke sit patience is key the longer you let the coke sit flush while you let the coke sit the acids will slowly