Victorian Home Interior Design

victorian home interior design

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one distinctive feature of victorian interior design is the separation of space victorian homes had as many rooms as possible and each room had a specific purpose

victorian interior design is an approach to interior design inspired by the victorian era a famous period in british history which lasted from 1837 to 1901 the victorian era marked huge shifts in british society and many of these shifts were reflected in interior design many people view this era , most people who own a victorian home want some small sense of modern design in their home and those who dont own a victorian crave the victorian quality and character that seems hard to come by nowadays creating a modern victorian interior can be achieved by carefully meshing the two styles together, unlike the 19th century when the workplace and home were often in the same building the pattern in the victorian period interior design was for homes and their victorian interior design to be built further away from the town in the suburbs and for people to travel to work by hackney carriage or the omnibus tram or railway